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CT-133 Silver Star at Dayton, 1998

CT-133 Silver Star in Thunderbirds colors.
CT-133 Silver Star (in USAF Thunderbird colors) at the 1998 Dayton Air Show

Although Canada flew thirty Lockheed T-33s as the Silver Star Mk.I, the RCAF's more than 600 CT-133 Silver Star Mk. IIs were more advanced aircraft built under license by Canadair, with the Rolls-Royce Nene engine replacing the T-33's J33.

The Silver Star was replaced in the training role by the mid-1970s, but the type would remain in service for decades afterwards in support roles. Like their USAF counterparts, the CT-133s were particularly useful as "hacks" for tactical squadrons, and aircraft fitted out as ET-133s served as electronic aggressors for training with 414 Squadron.

One CT-133 served as a testbed for ejection seat development, and this aircraft was the last Silver Star in official use when it was finally retired in 2005.

Kits and Aftermarket:
1/48th scale CT-133 card model

Kitbashing the Monogram P-80, Hawk and Hobbycraft T-33 1/48 scale kits into a CT-133.

1/48 scale CT-133 model finished as a 434 Squadron aircraft

Superscale Decals SSD32255 1:32 scale CT-133 No. 133542

Leading Edge 48-42 for silver/black aircraft of 414 Squadron Black Knights

Silver Star Bibliography:

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