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F-84 Thunderjet 3-view

Republic F-84 Thunderjet plans
F-84 Thunderjet with alternative NACA style inlets
Republic had investigated a TG-180 powered P-47 derivative to meet a 1944 USAAF requirement for a jet fighter, but this soon fell by the wayside as the company focused on a clean sheet of paper design.

F-84C: J35-A-13C engine, new electrical system.

F-84D: The first combat-capable Thunderjet, the D-model had thicker wings.

F-84E: First flown in May 1949, the E-model had its fuselage stretched by a foot, and the wing was reinforced. J35-A-17 engine, capability to carry underwing tanks and RATO.

F-84G: Rolled out in June 1951, this was development of the F-84E, with the J35-A-29 engine, and a canopy with metal reinforcements for greater strength. The F-84G was the first tactical type built from the outset to take on fuel while airborne, in this case using a Boom-type receptacle on the port wing.

1/32 scale F-84G kit

F-84 Models and Photos 

 F-84G crash site near Tonopah, Arizona

 Details of a 1952 F-84E crash in the UK

Building the Hobby Boss 1/48 F-84G kit as a French aircraft

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The Tamiya 1/48th scale F-84G finished as a French aircraft
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