Saturday, March 12, 2011

AGM-65 Maverick Bibliography

AGM-65 Scene Magnification Maverick photo
Scene Magnification Maverick trainer (note lack of tail fins)

"Maverick enters Flight Test; Improved Display Planned"   Aviation Week & Space Technology  January 5, 1970  p.22-23  2 photos

Photo:  "Maverick Control System Flight Tested"   Aviation Week & Space Technology  January 26, 1970  p.24

Clarence A. Robinson, Jr.   "Air Force to press Development Of Laser Guidance for Maverick"   AW&ST  November 5, 1973  p.56  1 photo

Photo:  "USAF F-4E launches laser-guided Maverick"   AW&ST  December 10, 1973  front cover

"AGM-65G Maverick Missile Undergoes Qualification Operational Test, Evaluation"   AW&ST  May 7, 1990  p.27  1 photo

David Hughes   "USAF Firing 100 Mavericks Per Day In Current Air-to-Ground Missions"   AW&ST  February 11, 1991  p.24-25  1 photo

"Latest Maverick Tested"   Air Forces Monthly  December 2000  p.15

Cutaway models of the AGM-65E Laser Maverick and AGM-65F IR Maverick on display at China Lake.

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