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P-3 Orion

P-3C Orion from VX-1
VX-1 P-3C on final, September 2011.
Book Review- P-3 Orion in action by Richard S. Dann

Another great naval aviation book by Rich Dann

  • Side views of Orion models L-188/YP3V-1 prototype through P-3C AIP, including EP-3E, NP-3D.
  •  Shot of a P-3A with Storm Fury seeding dispensers.
  • All-black P-3A overflight bird.
  •  P-3C 3-view diagram; coverage of all the P-3C mods
  •  P-3C AIP ALE-47 dispensers.

10 color profiles, including -
  • EP-3A Bat Rack
  • Argentine P-3B
  • NP-3D
  • CP-140

*EP-3E Aries II 3-view diagram
*NASA P-3s
*NOAA WP-3D detail shots
*P-3 AEW & C
*Foreign operators

Disclaimer: sample book provided by Squadron/Signal

Other P-3 resources and suggested reading:

"Electra chosen for ASW - Will Replace P2V Sub Hunters"  Naval Aviation News  June 1958  p.35

Illustration: Electra ASW version.  Naval Aviation News July 1958  p.20  This depiction shows an aircraft whose fuselage appears closer to that of the Electra than the P3V / P-3.

"Fiftieth Orion delivered"  Naval Aviation News  December 1963  p.2

"Coming in on some wing with some care"  Naval Aviation News July 1972  p.5 2 photos (Midair collision between P-3B and USCG C-130)

Robert L. Trimble "Lockheed P-3 Orion Paint Schemes and Markings"  Scale Modeler March 1983. Aircraft include BuNo 152757 of VP-31, Norwegian P-3B, P-3A BuNo 152170 of VP-17, VXN-8 RP-3A BuNo 149667 El Coyote, RP-3A BuNo 150500 Arctic Fox, RP-3D Roadrunner, EP-3E BuNo 150494, Iranian P-3F (color).

Photo: RP-3A BuNo 149667 at St. Mawgan. Air International September 1983  p.142

"P-3B Training Phased Out"  Naval Aviation News  May-June 1990  p.6

"VXN-8 Retires Characters to Desert"  Pax River UP-3As retired.  Naval Aviation News  September-October 1990 p.6

Photo: EP-3E BuNo 156507 at Pax River. First Aries II conversion. Naval Aviation News  November-December 1990  p.9

"VXN-8 Changes Foxes"  Retirement of last RP-3A. Naval Aviation News  September-October 1991

"Orions of Arabia - Patrol Squadrons in Desert Shield / Storm"  Naval Aviation News  September -October 1991.

LCdr Karl Yeakel  "NaDep Alameda Assumes Aries II"  Naval Aviation News  November-December 1991.

Photo: CP-140 #140111 in markings for Fincastle ASW competition.  World Air Power Journal  Vol. 27 / Winter 1996  p.13

"Iron Clad at Mildenhall" [Photo: VPU-1 P-3C] Air Forces Monthly June 2003 p.13

"P-3s in Kuwait" (VP-46 detachement in Kuwait)  Air Forces Monthly  June 2003  p.12

"RNZAF P-3Ks for Gulf Patrol"  Air Forces Monthly  June 2003  p.14

David Donald  Spyplane.  page 59: color photo of EP-3B BuNo 149669, EP-3E BuNo 150494 at RAF Wyton, color profile of EP-3E BuNo  150501.
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