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Model Show pictures, part 1

For the first time in a few years the Pittsburgh-based 3 Rivers IPMS chapter hosted the Region IV convention, and like previous shows, it was quite an enjoyable experience - good turnout, lots of vendors, and had some good discussions. Some highlights of the aircraft models that were there:

(note: all the thumbnails should be clickable for larger versions, save for the first, for some reason)

A fantastically detailed 1/44 scale F8U - my eyes hurt just thinking about working on something that small!

Frontal view, Vought F-8 Crusader model
And we've got another "MiG Master" - a larger one, this time!

A-7D Corsair II model - Pennsylvania Air National Guard
And another product from the LTV stable - was glad to see a SLUF in the markings of the PA ANG, which flew A-7D/Ks just down the road from the show site. Hard to believe it's been the better part of two decades since they've been retired...

A-7D Corsair II model - England AFB
 And here we've got a bird from England AFB, again in Southeast Asia camo colors...

Navy A-7E Corsair II model - US Navy
And of course, the Corsair II started out as a USN aircraft, being represented here by a nice looking A-7E.

Yakovlev Yak-3 model
Yak-3. Evolved out of the heavier Yak-1, the Yak-3 had the same basic engine as it predecessor, but incorporated a cut down rear fuselage and oil cooler intakes in the wing roots rather than under the nose. Many thousands were built, and the tough little Yak proved to be a formidable opponent for Bf 109 and Fw 190 pilots.

Yak-15 Feather model

And from the same stable but a little later, the Yak-15 Feather

Yak-38 Forger model kit
 And quite a bit later, we have the Yak-38 Forger

VMFA-122 FA-18 Hornet model
And here come the Bugs! The Hornet was well-represented

Swiss Hornet. The Swiss FA-18s are flown by three units at Dubendorf and Payerne, are rated for higher G-loadings than US FA-18C/Ds, and have high power spotlights on the port side of the nose for night time visual identification of intercepted aircraft.

FA-18 Super Hornet model kit
 and a Super Hornet in 1/144th scale

A-10 Warthog model photo
A-10 Warthog

Fairchild AC-119 Stinger gunship model kit
Earlier vintage than the 'Hog, but just as mean: AC-119 Stinger gunship

B-24 Liberator assembly formation aircraft
The polka dots were indeed an operational scheme! This B-24 was an assembly formation ship that didn't go beyond UK airspace.

Photo: B-24D assembly ship of the 458th BG, with polka dot paint. Air Pictorial June 1966 p.214

AV-8B Harrier model kit
AV-8B Harrier II; very apt display, as these are seeing action in Libya as I write this...

BAe Typhoon model
 Another type that is seeing use over the NFZ: RAF Typhoon

Avia BH-3 model kit

Avia BH-3

C-133 kit from Anigrand
Anigrand C-133 Cargomaster

Anigrand C-5 Galaxy model photo
As big as the Cargomaster is, it's dwarfed by Anigrand's C-5 Galaxy!

MiG-21 Fishbed model photo
camo'd MiG-21

Rear view of F-84 Thunderjet kit
F-84 Thunderjet

F-100 Super Sabre model in Thunderbirds aerobatic team colors
And while we're on shiny fighters of the '50s, here's a big F-100 in Thunderbird markings.

Grumman F9F Panther model
F9F Panther

Grumman Wildcat model photo
And another Grumman feline, the F4F Wildcat...

F-14 Tomcat model - overhead view
 And the ultimate "Cat" from the "Ironworks", the F-14 Tomcat

Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber model
SBD Dauntless

Vought F4U Corsair model photo

F4U Corsair model - frontal view
And another "big hog"

Beaufighter model kit
Bristol Beaufighter

De Havilland Mosquito model - overhead view
de Havilland Mosquito

Fokker D.XII model
Fokker D.XII

Mitsuibishi G4M Betty Japanese bomber
Mitsubishi's G4M entered service in the spring of 1941, had a range in some configurations exceeding 2,000 miles, and a warload of just over a ton. However, the Betty's defensive armament was weak, and the range was achieved by using the wing as a massive fuel tank, greatly increasing the G4M's vulnerability to even minor damage.
  The modeler entered it for "best pink model" and I'd have to go along with that! ;-)

Hawker Hunter GA.11 model
The Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm made use of the Hunter GA.11 for weapons training; these aircraft being conversions of former RAF Hunter F.4s.

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc model photo
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC. The IIC was a derivation of the Hurricane IIA, with a quartet of wing-mounted 20mm Hispano cannon. The "Hurribomber" was extensively used in the intruder role.

Cuban Hawker Sea Fury model kit
 Sea Fury with motorized prop. Cuba received 15 single-seat Sea Furies and a pair of trainers after these aircraft were retired from British service in the late 1950s, and saw use in combat against rebel B-26s during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Sea Fury "Critical Mass" Reno racer model kit
And another Sea Fury - just barely! The much altered Critical Mass. The prototype for this model started out as a West German two-seat target tug, and was rebuilt for Reno air racing as the alcohol-modified R-3350 powered Blind Man's Bluff, before gaining the name and colors show here. Note also the heightened tail. The prototype is now being rebuilt back to its original military configuration.

"Reno '84 in Retrospect" Air International March 1985 p.120-121. Photos of Sea Fury racers Furias and T. Mk20 N924G

Heinkel He 70
 Heinkel He 70

Color profiles by John Weal, including two 1930s vintage and one 1950s Spanish He 70s. Air International December 1988  p.318

Heinkel He 111 bomber kit

X-15A-2 rocket plane model.

A magnificent North American X-15

There were a good many Japanese aircraft on display:

Mitsubishi A6M Zero
A6M Zero

Display of Japanese aircraft

Ki-84 Frank model photo
Ki-84 Frank

Zero fighter
Captured A6M

N1K1 Kyofu model display
In contrast to the limited USN evaluation of floatplane variants of the F4F, SB2U, and SB2C, the IJN actually made operational use of float equipped tactical types, such as the Kawanashi N1K1 Kyofu ("Mighty Wind") known to the Allies as the Rex. However, by the time the N1K1s were entering service, the tide was beginning to turn against Japan, and emphasis shifted to the land based Shiden ("Violet Lightning") derivative.

Mitsubishi Ki-83 model
First flown in November 1944, Mitsubishi's Ki-83 escort fighter was potentially an important type, combining long range, maneuverability, and heavy armament in the form of two 30mm and two 20mm cannon. Had the type entered service, it would have been comparable to Grumman's F7F Tigercat and de Havilland's Hornet, but only the four prototypes had been completed by V-J Day, and the Ki-95 reconnaissance version never flew. MPM makes a 1/72 scale Ki-83 kit.

P-36 Mohawk model.
Curtiss P-36

Curtiss P-40 model
And the -36's descendant, the P-40.

"Mustangs, Mustangs, Mustangs!"

P-51 Precious Metal Reno racer
"P-51XR" Precious Metal has had a rather exotic, if confusing career; built as 44-73518 it was converted to racing configuration in the 1970s with a P-51H tail, low profile canopy, and a clipped wing. However, this was merely the start of things, as in the late 1980s the aircraft's tail was mated to a new forward fuselage fitted with a Rolls-Royce Griffon. The "old" forward fuselage was then completed as a Merlin-powered aircraft, and was ditched at Galveston several years later and put into storage after salvage. The "new" Precious Metal crashed at Reno shortly after completion, and was once again rebuilt.

And some Skyhawks:
Israeli A-4 Skyhawk model kit
Israeli A-4N: not the extended tailpipe for countermeasure against SA-7s and other MANPADS

USMC A-4 Skyhawk kit - VMA-211 Black Sheep squadron
VMA-214 Black Sheep transitioned from the FJ-4 Fury to the A4D-2 in early 1962, and would go on to be equipped with various models of the Skyhawk for several decades.

Lufthansa Constellation kit
There were a couple of Connies, first was this Lufthansa bird
Photo: "Lufthansa Super G in Beirut"  Aviation Week  November 19, 1956  p.42
"Modeling a Lufthansa L-1049G Super Constellation"  FineScale Modeler February 1991  p.26-32. Converting the Heller 1/72 scale EC-121.

EC-121 Warning Star model
And a USAF EC-121:

A nice QF-4E - makes me motivated to get working on the F-4G kit I've had laying around:

And an F-4D:
F-4D Phantom II

US Spitfire

And in the home country colors

de havilland Vampire FB.5 model kit
The RAF's second jet fighter to enter service, the Vampire had flown as early as September 1943, but did not enter service until the spring of 1946. The airframe consisted of a fuselage pod for the cockpit and Goblin turbojet; twin tail booms were fitted, and the engine supplied with air through intakes in the wing roots.
The Vampire FB.5, first flown in 1948, was optimized for the fighter-bomber role, with slightly clipped wings and additional hard points, better protection, and beefed-up landing gear. More FB.5s would be built than any other single-seat Vampire model. FB.5s have been kitted in 1/72 scale by Frog, Heller, and Czech Master Resin. In 1/48 scale, the variant was available from Classic Airframes.

"Workbench reviews: Vampire FB Mk.5 in 1/48 scale from Classic Airframes"  FineScale Modeler  September 2005  p.64

P-47 Thunderbolt "razorback" model photo

Republic P-47 model kit
And another Thunderbolt

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