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Space & Sci-Fi Pictures from Pittsburgh Model Show

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V-2 rocket model
1/35 scale models of the A-4/V-2, the world's first operational ballistic missile, have been kitted by Revell, DML/Dragon, and Accurate Armor.

A well done build article on a diorama using the Condor 1/72 scale A4/V-2 kit.

Battlestar Galactica with the flight pods extended
Battlestar Galactica model

Klingon Bird of Prey

Scott Carpenter's Aurora 7 was the second Mercury capsule to be flown on an orbital mission, being launched by an Atlas booster on May 24, 1962. This model depicts the spacecraft with the launch escape tower attached; this system used a single solid rocket rated at 52,000lbs of thrust exhausting through three engine bells. In the event of an emergency prior to burnout of the booster, the LES would blast the capsule clear, burning for one second.

Gordo Cooper's Faith 7 capsule was used for the last flight of the Mercury program, and had been modified for a long-duration (one day) mission.
Peter Johnson "Lift off! And the clock is running" Airfix Model World #08  Superdetailing the 1/48 Revell Mercury capsule.

In an era when launch vehicles were still routinely exploding on pads, the Army's Redstone was chosen for the initial suborbital Mercury flights as it was the most reliable vehicle that could be adapted for the role. The Mercury Redstone was significantly different than the basic ballistic missile, using the stretched first stage of the Jupiter-C satellite launcher derivative (albeit with the standard Redstone engine) a simple autopilot in place of the missile's inertial navigation system, and a section between the capsule and booster that contained the adaptor and additional electronics needed.

The rocket ship of "Ming the Merciless" from the 1930s Flash Gordon

Sci-Fi tank model
Sci-Fi Tank Model

USS Grissom NC-638 model

Russian Vostok capsule. The world's first manned spacecraft, Vostok was actually created  with the idea that the basic design could also be used as a photo reconnaissance satellite, and the derived Zenit vehicles indeed flew into the 1990s, long after the Vostok had been relegated to the history books.
Vostok space capusle model

Martian shops from "War of the Worlds" fighting a pair of Shermans

Model Show pictures, part 1

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