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Book Review: Convair F-102 Delta Dagger in action

A quite useful look at the "Deuce" - the USAF's first true supersonic interceptor, and the first operational USAF delta-wing type.The whole series of Convair's deltas sprang from the XF-92, and the book's introduction details the history of this demonstrator aircraft. There are three photos; one of the original XP-92 design with provision for a prone pilot, and two of the more conventional XF-92 demonstrator that actually flew. The development of the Deuce was a protracted affair, as the original concept of simply scaling up the XF-92 did not produce a supersonic aircraft. There are several photos of the original prototype. Next up is the evolution to the service test YF-102 (illustrated by side-view drawings) - and finally there is the longer and area-ruled YF-102A, which finally achieved supersonic flight.

Some highlights:

Coverage of the first operational "short tail" F-102As includes the 327th FIS at George AFB and an aircraft from the Air Proving Ground.

*Large photo of the 327th FIS commander's aircraft.
* Sequence of photos showing an AIM-4 launch
* A pair of cockpit photos

Ten color profiles, including:

  •  YF-102A at first flight
  •  57th FIS aircraft
  •  496th FIS at Hahn AB
  •  327th FIS commander's aircraft
  •  27th FIS Griffiss AFB
  •  509th FIS camoflauged aircraft at Udorn
  •  TF-102 of the 32nd FIS
  •  TF-102 of the Air Defense Weapons Center at Tyndall AFB
  •  TF-102 of the Greek Air Force


JF-102A with J85 engine in the weapons bay

First QF-102 drone in an all-white scheme

Greek F-102A

sample book via Squadron/Signal

Kits and Aftermarket:
The 1/48th scale Monogram F-102 kit finished as an aircraft of the California ANG.

Building the 1/48 scale F-102 kit from Encore as a red-tailed example from Alaska

F-102 Bibliography

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"Dummy Tests on Sled Mockup of Convair's F-102"  Aviation Week  December 26, 1955  p.22-23  eight photos.

"Classic Kits: Revell's F-102 Delta Dagger"  FineScale Modeler May 1990 p.33

Photo:TF-102 41353 "TC-453" at Fox Field, California.  Air Classics March 1994  p.81

Photo: PQM-102A 56-1640 in SEA camo  "The History of the U.S. Air Force" David Anderton, p.242

Lloyd S. Jones U.S. Fighters: Army-Air Force 1925 to 1980s  p.272-274 Includes an F-102A 3-view.

F-102 walk around photos

An excellent, detailed look at the 1/72 scale F-102 kit by Meng
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