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C-119 Bibliography

Conceived of in the early days of World War II, but produced too late for that conflict, Fairchild's C-82 Packet helped usher in the concept of transport aircraft specifically designed with military needs in mind. As good as the C-46 and C-47 were, hauling vehicles and other outsize loads in aircraft that had been designed as passenger airliners was often either impossible or required jury-rigging. It was never fast or easy. In contrast, the Packet had a voluminous central fuselage/cargo pod that terminated aft in a set of clamshell doors at truck bed level. This facilitated easy loading/offloading of freight and equipment.

Fairchild C-82 and C-119 Packet photo
 Fairchild C-82 and C-119 at the USAF Museum, 1998. When compared to the earlier Packet, the C-119 had a repositioned cockpit to allow better crew visibility, and a fuselage that had been widened by fourteen inches.

Picture of a C-119J Flying Boxcar at Dayton, July 2012
C-119J, July 2012

Picture of a C-119 desktop model

Packet Variants

C-119C: R-4360-20W engines with water injection. Early aircraft did not have the dorsal fin; later examples had this, as well as ventral fins. The tips of the horizontal stabilizers were deleted. The R4Q-1 was the equivalent USMC model.

C-119F: R-3350 engines. Most aircraft later became C-119Gs.

C-119G: As the C-119F, but fitted with four-bladed Hamilton-Standard propellers. Also bought for the USMC as the R4Q-2.

C-119K: Conversion of a handful of aircraft with uprated R-3350s, and a pair of J85 turbojets in underwing pods.

The RoCAF was the last military user of the C-119, having only received its first C-130s in the mid-1980s. The last last handful of -119s on Taiwan soldiered on until December 1997.

Magazine Articles and Photos:

Photo: "Here Comes the Artillery" C-82s dropping howitzers. Aviation Week May 15, 1950 p.15

"Fairchild Delivers 40 C-119 Packets" Aviation Week  February 6, 1950  p.15

3-view profile: C-119H   Flight, 6 February 1953  p.169

Scale C-119G plans, including cross-sections. Model Airplane News April 1957

“STOL Version C-119 Proposed” Aviation Week & Space Technology June 5, 1967 p.72

"AC-119 Gunship Readied for Deployment" Aviation Week & Space Technology September 23, 1968 p.40-50 5 photos

Photo: Indian Air Force C-119G fitted with dorsal jet pod. Air International December 1983  p.282

Photo: Overhead in-flight shot of an AC-119. Aeroplane July 1986  p.366

Frederick P. Horkey "Remembering Fairchild's Dollar-Nineteen"  IPMS/USA Quarterly Spring 1987. Includes several pages of C-119G walk-around photos.

Photo: C-82 N4834V  Warbirds International September 2000 p.58

Newspaper Articles and Photos:

"66 U.S. Service Men Killed In Germany in Air Collision" New York Times August 12, 1955 p.1+

"Flaming C-119 Rips Into Charleston Homes, Killing 9" New York Times August 24, 1955 p.20 1 photo


John M. Andrade Latin American Military Aviation. Includes a photo of Forca Aerea Brasilia C-82 #2203

Color profile: Indian AF C-119G with Orpheus turbojet atop the fuselage. Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft, edited by David Donald, p.388.

Scale Models:
"Workbench Review: C-119"  FineScale Modeler  October 1986  p.10 reviews the 1/72 scale kit from Testor/Italeri.

Web Resources
An excellent series of walk around images depicting C-119G N8093

N9701F / 45-57814, the last flight of a C-82

Wreck of C-82A 48-572 in the Arctic

Loss of C-119 53-3195

Build report for a large (109 inch wingspan) RC AC-119K Stinger project, built from blue foam construction

 A nice set of screen shots showing a civilian C-82 in FSX

Video of a large scale RC C-119 in 50-vintage high-vis colors and working JATO!

Build article showing the Italeri C-119 kit finished as an aircraft of the Italian air force
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