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C-123 Provider walk around

C-123K N22968 Thunder Pig was delivered to the USAF as C-123B 54-0664, and later served with the Royal Thai AF before being returned to US control and eventually retired to Davis Monthan in 1981. There it remained until 1996, when it was acquired by Air Heritage at Beaver County (KBVI) Pennsylvania.
Fairchild C-123 Provider walk around photos

C-123 engine with cowling removed photo
Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial

C-123K R-2800 engine frontal view

C-123K Provider jet pod photo
 The C-123K conversion entailed fitting General Electric J85 turbojets in underwing pods.

C-123 jet booster pod, as seen from front

C-123 Provider wing fuel tank
C-123K wing tank - frontal view

C-123 wing tank, rear angle view
C-123 wing tank - rear quarter view

Fairchild C-123 main landing gear photo
C-123 Provider main gear

C-123 Provider walk around tail photo

C-123 Provider desktop scale model

A 1/10 scale RC C-123 project, skinned in real aluminum

AFRES C-123s
at Pope AFB

1/48 scale C-123 paper model

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Newspaper Articles and Photos:

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An interesting article on the Con Air Providers

Scale Models:

Amodels has issued 1/144 scale Provider kits in C-123B/K, HC-123B, C-123J, NC/AC-123K, and UC-123K configurations.
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