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Model Show Pics from '05

Some old pics recovered from a CD - IPMS 3 Rivers Show, 2005:
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F-86 Sabre model photo
F-86 in Korean War markings

P-47 model with underwing rocket tubes
P-47 in NMF finish
Hasegawa B-17
Grumman Avenger model photo
Grumman Avenger
AH-1 Cobra model

VFA-97 FA-18 model
A gray-camouflaged FA-18 of VFA-97 aboard USS Carl Vinson

AEW Skyraider model
Although the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm never operated attack-configured Skyraiders, it was supplied with fifty APS-20 equipeed AEW models, which served until replaced by turboprop powered Fairey Gannets, which used the same radar.

F4U Corsair model kit
F4U Corsair

Revell F-4 Phantom model kit
VF-74 Be-Devilers was the first deployable F-4 Squadron, and after transitioning to the F-4J took part in the first deployment of the USS Nimitz.

Photo: "Beware of Be-Devilers"  VF-74 takes delivery of squadron's first F4H.   Naval Aviation News  November 1961

AV-8B Harrier II model photo
AV-8B Harrier

F8F Bearcat model kit photo
Grumman F8F Bearcat in Blue Angels colors

F-14 Tomcat model kits
F-14 Tomcat

SBD Dauntless in high visibility prewar paint scheme
SBD Dauntless in prewar colors

RAF Hawk model kit photo
BAe Hawk

Italeri F-22 Raptor model kit photo
F-22 Raptor

2011 IPMS show pics

Space & Sci-Fi Pictures from Pittsburgh Model Show

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