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R3Y Tradewind plans

Convair Tradewind flying boat.
Convair P5Y design - note the gun turrets, which would be not be present on production R3Y Tradewinds.

Tradewind flying boat plans
from US patent files

The last of a distinguished line of Consolidated/Convair flying boats to serve with the US Navy, the Tradewind was also the only aircraft powered by the Allison T40 turboprop to see operational service, however brief. The program began in the spring of 1946 as the P5Y ASW aircraft, and the XP5Y-1 prototype flew for the first time in April 1950.

Efforts were soon redirected towards using the type as a transport, and in February the first R3Y-1 Tradewind flew. This had no tailplane dihedral, no offensive weapons or gun turrets, nacelles of a revised design, and a cargo door on the aft port side.

Convair Advanced Designs: Secret Projects from San Diego, 1923-1962

Tradewind Bibliography
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Scale Models:

Anigrand makes a 1/144 scale resin kit of the XP5Y-1

Speculative Warplane Designs   |   V/STOL Aircraft  |   Combat Aircraft  |- 3-view plans  and  photo detail - vintage to modern - great detail for the scale modeler or builder of rc airplanes!

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