Sunday, September 11, 2011

Air Force One landing at Pittsburgh

VC-25 Air Force One photo
Boeing VC-25 "Air Force One" landing at KPIT, 11-Sept-11

Dragon Models 1/400 Air Force One 747-200


"First of Two New Presidential Aircraft Makes Initial Flight" Aviation Week & Space Technology February 5, 1990 p.81 1 photo

"New Air Force One Undergoes Refueling Tests" Aviation Week & Space Technology April 30, 1990 p.50 1 photo

A pair of VH-60s trailed by three CH-46s transporting President Obama and former President Bush from Pittsburgh to Shanksville
VH-60N photo

And later in the day, still from the front yard, we saw the Heavy Metal jet team, with their L-39s and MiG-17:

Mig-17 and L-39 photo

MiG-17 Fresco underside photo

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