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Bf 109 3-view plans

"The Messerschmitts swarmed over England during the Battle of Britain, and they have since been in the thick of action on every front where the Luftwaffe has operated. This fighter has maneuverability, climbing ability, and a ceiling higher than some of the Allied fighters it encounters. This aircraft has also seen use as a fighter-bomber in support of ground forces. A high-altitude version, the Me109G, is now coming into use; this variant is very similar in configuration to the previous Me.109F. An earlier model, the Me.109E, has square wingtips - this model is now obsolete."

Bf 109G at NMUSAF, Dayton July 2012

BF109G walk around frontal view

Bf 109G walk around engine detail

1/5 scale R/C Bf 109 build article

1/100th scale Me 109E-4 Trop cardstock model for download

1/32 scale Me 109 paper model as a captured aircraft in USAAF markings


Robert C. Mikesh "Return of the Augsberg Eagle" Airpower November 1974. Restoration of the NASM's Bf 109G.

Cutaway diagram: Bf 109E-7/Trop. RAF Yearbook 1983  p.70

Alec Lumsden, Terry Heffernan "Probe Probare"  Aeroplane Monthly February 1986  p.60-63. An excellent look at the RAF evaluation of the Bf 109E-3, with good photos of captured aircraft Werk nr 1304 / AE479.

Color profiles: Bf 109Es of JG 52, JG 3, SKG 210, JG 27, Switzerland, Romania, and Spain. Air International September 1989 p.148-149

"Emil to Fly!" FlyPast February 1998 p.6. Restoration of Bf 109E-3 w/nr 1342.

"Messerschmitt Unveiled" FlyPast May 1998 p.7  IWM's Bf 109E #1190.

Photo: Bf 109E-3 fuselage at Duxford. FlyPast December 1998  p.110

Carlo Lucchini "In From The Cold"  Warbirds International September 2000  Me 109G-4 preserved in Italy.

Jim Zeske "Workbench Reviews: 1/32 Bf 109K-4/K-6 Kurfurst from CraftWorks" FineScale Modeler December 2003  p.72-73

"Hasegawa's Big Gustav" Scale Aircraft Modelling December 2003  p.671-677. Building the 1/32 scale BF 109G-6 kit.

"Bf109 in taxying trials" Aeroplane April 2005. Bf109E-3 restoration

"Forty-Eigth Friedrich" The ICM 1/48 scale Bf 109F-4 kit. Model Airplane International February 2008

Ray Bonds Classic Fighters: The Inside Story  p.154-159. Includes a BF 109E-4 cutaway illustration, a large photo of captured aircraft AE479, and a color shot of a JG 53 Emil.

Bf 109 Variants

Bf 109B-0: 610hp Jumo 210B

Bf 109B-1: 635hp Jumo 210D

BF109B-2: Supercharged Jumo 210E driving a metal variable pitch propeller

Bf 109E-0: Preproduction aircraft, no cannon.

 Bf 109E-4: Cannon armament changed to MG FF/M

Bf 109E-4/N: DB601N engine

Bf 109E-5: Reconnaissance version with the cannon deleted.

Bf 109E-6: Recon variant with cannon.

Bf 109E-7: Capable of carrying a 250kg bomb or drop tank on the centerline.

Bf 109E-8: DB601E engine

Bf 109E-9: Recon variant

Build article on the Tamiya Bf 109E 

Building Erich Hartmann’s BF109G14

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