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Convair C-131 3-view

Although Douglas' superlative DC-3 would survive in service long after WWII, from 1945 onwards numerous manufacturers made efforts to market successor designs. Probably the most successful of these was the line started with the Convair 240. To a traveling public used to the 1930s-vintage Dakota, the 240 looked modern and fast, with twin R-2800 engines and a tricycle gear configuration.
3-view camo diagram for a Convair C-131 / T-29
I cannot recall ever seeing a C-131 or T-29 in camouflage, but an official scheme did exist.

T-29A: Initial military version; navigation trainer based on the CV-240.

T-29B: presurized navigator trainer.

C-131D: Military CV-340

VC-131D: VIP transport version of the CV-440.

RC-131G: Navaid check aircraft.

R4Y-1Z/VC-131H: VIP transport for the USN. 

Commercial Variants:

CV-340: Stretched version (four additional seats) with a wider wingspan.

CV-440 Metroplitan: Heavyweight CV-340 outgrowth, with additional seating in place of the luggage area.

CV-540: CV-240s reengined with Napier Eland turboprops.

CV-580: Allison 501 turboprop conversion.

CV-600: Rolls Royce turboprop conversions, based on CV-240 airframes.

CV-640: Dart conversion of CV-340/440s.

CV-5800: Stretched C-131 with Allison 501s and glass cockpit.


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C-131 arrivals/dispositions at Davis-Monthan

 Crash site of Sierra Pacific CV-440 N4819C
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