Thursday, November 29, 2012

Martin MB-2/NBS-1 bomber walk around

Originally ordered as the MB-2, the Martin NBS-1 was the standard Army Air Corps night bomber in the early post WWI years, and is best known for being the aircraft used by General Billy Mitchell to sink the battleship Ostfrieland in July 1921. Powered by two Liberty 12-As engines attached to the lower wing (in contrast to the earlier MB-1, whose engines were mounted between the wings) the NBS-1 had a top speed of 99mph and a service ceiling of 7,700 feet, although some examples had GE turbosuperchargers that boosted this to 25,000 feet during tests; these installations were too troublesome for frontline use.

No original NBS-1s have survived, but the National Museum of the US Air Force has a full scale reproduction built from vintage plans.

Glencoe has issued a 1/74th scale kit of the MB-2/MBS-1. 

MB-2 landing gear
Martin MB-2 walk around - landing gear photo
 Martin MB-2/NBS-1 replica
Martin MB-2 bomber replica

MB-2 engine
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