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Yak-25 Flashlight

First flown in June 1952 as the Yak-120 and first seen by the West at Tushino three years later, the Yak-25 Flashlight was intended to protect the Soviet airspace in the far north and eastern region, where the vast distances involved demanded a large, long-range interceptor. The basic aircraft, powered by a pair of AM-5 engines, was equipped with the RP-1D High Fix radar, and was armed with a pair of NL-37 37mm cannon. The improved Yak-25M had the RP-6 Sokol set.

Yakovlev Yak-25 Flashlight model
Yak-25 Flashlight model on display in the Cold War Gallery of the NMUSAF

Yakovlev built a tactical reconnaissance version, the Yak-125, with a glazed nose replacing the radar, but this did not enter series production. The Yak-26 tactical bomber outgrowth, powered by Tumansky RD-9s, likewise did not go into production. The later Yak-27 had a pointed radome and increased sweepback on the outer wings, while the Yak-27V prototype had a Dushkin rocket in the tail and so equipeed proved capable of "zooming" past 80,000 feet.

Yakovlev Yak -25/26/27/28 (Aerofax) by Yefim Gordon, probably the definitive reference on the type.

An excellent article on a free-flight Yak-25M model with plans

Yak-25 1/72 models for sale

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