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Bristol Beaufighter

Restored as Mk.VIf KV912, the NMUSAF's Beaufighter is actually a composite airframe created from components from two Mk.Is. The lack of an effective American night fighter in the early stages of the war led the USAAF to being supplied with more than 100 Beaufighters.

Bristol Beaufighter on display at NMUSAF
The NMUSAF's Beaufighter, on display in the WWII Gallery

Beaufighter - Bristol Hercules radial engine photo

Beaufighter main landing gear photo
Beaufighter walk around - main gear

Beaufighter wing leading edge

Using the wings and tail of the Beaufort with a new fuselage and Hercules radial engines, the Beaufighter gave the RAF a much needed heavy strike fighter in the early years of World War II. First flight of the Type 156 prototype took place in July 1939, and a year later the first Beaufighter Mk.Is were entering service.


Beaufighter Mk V: prototype with a Boulton Paul dorsal turret.

Several images of a 1/10 scale electric RC Beaufighter

Beaufighter walk around at the Australian National Aviation Museum. Some good internal images!

Building the Tamiya Beaufighter Mk.21 model kit

Walkaround of the Beaufighter restoration at Duxford

Beaufighter cockpit under restoration

FSX Beaufighter video 

Beaufighter pictures at the NMUSAF archives

Beaufighter Bibliography

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Scale Models

CMK makes a set to convert the 1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter to a Mk.1F

Red Roo Models offers a set to convert the Tamiya Beau to an Australian target tow aircraft.

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