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Ju 88 walk around

Ranking with the De Havilland Mosquito as one of the most versatile combat aircraft of WWII, the Junkers Ju 88 was designed as a fast bomber but ended up serving additionally in night fighter, photo recon, and even anti-tank roles.

Ju 88 starboard engine. The NMUSAF's Ju 88D-1/Trop is a former Romanian aircraft whose pilot defected to Cyprus. After being evaluated at Wright Field, it was set aside in storage at Davis Monthan AFB for display at a future date. Unlike most of the USAAF's captured German aircraft, the Junkers survived the early postwar years, returning to Dayton in 1960.
Junkers Ju 88 nacelle photo
Ju 88 nacelle and main gear

The Ju 88D-1 was a long-range photo recon aircraft based on the airframe of the Ju 88 A-4 bomber.
Junkers Ju 88 at Air Force Museum

Ju 88 Fighter Variants

Ju 88V7: Prototype 3-man heavy fighter

Ju 88C-1: BMW 801MA powered fighter version, not proceeded with.

Ju 88C-2: A-1 bombers finished as fighters with 2x20mm, 2x7.9mm, and extra armor

Ju 88C-3: Solitary BMW801 powered prototype

Ju 88C-4: A-4 derivative, with 4x20mm

Ju 88C-5: Ten BMW701 powered development aircraft

Ju 88C-6: Jumo 211J engines

Ju 88C-6b: Night fighter with FuG 202 or 212 Lichenstein radar

Ju 88C-6b: External bomb racks added

Ju 88C-6c: FuG 220 radar

Ju 88C-7: Waffentroppen installation in place of the gondola.

Ju 88C-7c: BMW801MA engines

Ju 88R-1: As C-6b but with BMW801s


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Scale Models:

Hasegawa offers a 1/72 Ju 88D-1 kit, while DML issued 1/48 scale Ju 88 kits, and Revell had a 1/32 scale Ju 88A-1

Here's a preview of the 1/48 scale Cutting Edge decal set for the NMUSAF's Ju 88 shortly after it capture...odd to see a Junkers with huge American flags !

 Crash site of a Ju 88 in the Orkneys - this was the first Luftwaffe aircraft to be shot down over British territory

Build article on the Hasegawa 1/72 Ju 88A-4

List of surviving Ju 88s

Diecast Junkers Ju-88C-4 Nightfighter'

Cockpit photo of a Ju 88 under restoration 

RC Ju 88 model test flight 

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