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Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw helicopter walk around

Among the most successful of the early helicopters, Sikorsky's H-19/S-55 helped move the helicopter from being a potentially useful curiosity to an accepted way of moving men and light payloads around battle zones, helping to pioneer the air mobility concept.

The H-19 design built on Sikorsky's H-18/HO5S experience, but was considerably larger and more powerful; importantly, the engine (a Wright R-1300) was moved to the nose and the crew compartment relocated upwards, allowing a relatively large cargo compartment with sufficient room for ten passengers.

H-19 helicopter engine

Sikorsky H-19 cabin photo

Sikorsky H-19 main rotor photo

H-19B: R-1300-3 engine; 270 built
SH-19: H-19B conversions for SAR
H-19C/D: Transports for US Army

HO4S-1: H-19A for US Navy; 10 built
HO4S-3: H-19B for USN
HO4S-3G: SAR version for US Coast Guard

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Scale Models:

Revell issued H-19 kits in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales

A virtual tour of the NMUSAF's UH-19B cockpit
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