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C-121A Constellation MATS Connie walk-around

C-121A Constellation. Although the USAAF had operated earlier Constellations as C-69s, the C-121As (military variants of the Model 749s) were considerably larger and more powerful. The Connies soon made their mark on long distance hauls, carrying up to 44 passengers or 20 stretchers.
C-121A Connie overall photo

C-121 MATS Connie photo

C-121A engine

Lockheed C-121 nose gear photo
C-121 Nose gear

C-121 Constellation tail photo

C-121A 48-609 was used on the Berlin Airlift before being converted to a VC-121A VIP transport. She served in this role until 1970 when the special air mission Connies were replaced by jets. She entered civilian service as a sprayer and was later owned by John Travolta for a time. She toured the warbird circuit in MATS colors, but in 2005 was ferried to South Korea for static display in Air Korea colors.

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