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UH-1 Huey walk around & camo schemes

UH-1 Huey three-view plan

UH-1 European 1 camo scheme

Huey helicopter leopard camouflage scheme
UH-1 leopard scheme

Huey tail rotor
tail rotor

UH-1 main rotor photo
main rotor

UH-1 Huey engine compartment photo
engine compartment

crappy shot, but a sentimental favorite -3rd airshow photo I ever took, and the 1st Huey I ever saw on the ground, circa September 1986. Sunny evening at Chippewa, PA

Huey Bibliography

"Bell Turbine-Powered Helicopter To Have 15,000-Ft. Hover Ceiling"  Aviation Week December 5, 1955 p.18. Three photos of the full-scale XH-40 mockup.

Photo: "First Air Force Bell UH-1F Flies" Aviation Week & Space Technology March 9, 1964 p.21

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Color profiles, including UH-1A, UH-1Bs, UH-1P of the 20th SOS, UH-1Ds, and Augusta-Bell AB205s.  Air International October 1986  p.1208-209

"More Hueys Join Philippine AF" Air Forces Monthly  December 2004  p.18

Huey Variants

UH-1D: T53-L-11 engine and stretched cabin, able to carry an eight-man squad.

UH-1H: Uprated UH-1D with T53-L-13.

Model 214/Huey Plus: Prototype UH-1H outgrowth with T53-L-702 and new main rotor.

Model 214A: Production Huey Plus for Iran; Lycoming LTC4B-8D.

Model 214C: SAR Version for Iran.

Model 214ST: Two T700 engines; development started for Iran.

UH-1HP Huey II: Bell rebuild with powerplants uprated to -703 configuration, hub and main rotors from the Model 212, and a strengthened airframe.

UH-1N: Second-generation Huey with the P&W Canada PT6T Turbo Twin-Pac. The USAF was the first customer.

A walk around of RAAF UH-1B A2-1020

UH-1 photos

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