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Former Army T-28 Trojan walk around

The original T-28A built for the USAF as a T-6 replacement had a 800hp engine, but the later T-28B/C for the Navy was significantly more powerful, with a 1,425hp powerplant. this was later retrofitted to some USAF aircraft which became T-28D Nomads. The US Army also operated some Trojans, including this example shown under restoration.
T-28 Trojan overall photo

T-28 cockpit photo
T-28 cockpit area
T-28 engine photo

T-28 tail photo

T-28 Trojan model

North American T-28A Trojan picture
T-28A (actually a JT-28A) Trojan 49-1494 at the National Museum of the US Air Force, hanging in the Cold War Gallery, July 2012

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Scale Models

"T-28 Triumph"  Gil Hodges  FineScale Modeler  December 2004  Detailing the old Monogram kit

A 1/30th scale indoor flying (rubber power) T-28 is available from Guillows (kit #901)

Airwaves makes a photoetch cockpit detail set for the 1/72 scale Heller T-28 kit

An outstanding history of T-28s in Southeast Asia - includes individual aircraft records.

The Sword 1/72 scale T-28 kit finished as a VT-5 aircraft

A very well illustrated look at building the 1/32 resin T-28 kit from Collectaire

T-28D for FSX

An almost hour long video review of an RC T-28
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