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T-2C Buckeye walk around

The North American Buckeye first flew in January 1958, having been bought to provide the USN with a carrier-capable advanced jet trainer. North American's design had a wing based on that of the company's FJ-1 Fury, and was powered by a Westinghouse J34. The company turned out 217 T2J-1/T-2As, before production shifted to the more powerful T-2B with twin J60 engines. 1968 saw the arrival of the further upgraded T-2C, which had unaugmented General Electric J85s. T-2C production totalled 231; the T-2D and T-2E were land-based variants for Venezuela and Greece, respectively.

T-2C Buckeye walk around photos

T-2C Buckeye engine intake detail
T-2C intake for GE J85 engine

T-2C Buckeye cockpit photo
T-2C canopy

T-2C nose gear detail photo
T-2C nose gear

Scale Models:
The T-2C was kitted in 1/72 scale by Matchbox, and this kit has been re-released by Revell Germany as a T-2C/E. TwoBobs Aviation Graphics has released 1/72 decals for Greek, Venezuelan, and VF-43 aircraft.

Special Hobby makes a 1/48 scale Buckeye, and Twobobs decal set 48-200 in 1/48th  covers Buckeyes from VT-4, VT-7 and VT-10.


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Photo: T-2B carrier suitability trials Naval Aviation News September 1966 p.3

Photo: CH-47 carrying a T-2A as a sling load. Naval Aviation News December 1966 p.22

"Best in the Business - VF-43 Challengers" World Air Power Journal Vol.8/Spring 1992  p.10-8-121.  Includes a photo of a T-2 in aggressor colors.

"USS Lexington: On Deck #2"  Squadron/Signal Publications  includes a color profile of T-2C BuNo 159708 of VT-4 Rubber Ducks.

The 1/48th scale Special Hobby T-2C kit finished as a Greek T-2E

Carrier launch and recovery of the RAZBAM T-2C for FSX

Photo of a T-2 ejection seat
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