Saturday, July 26, 2008

KC-130F walk around

The KC-130F (originally GV-1 pre 1962) was the first /Marine Corps version of the Hercules, and was a C-130B derivative bought to replace the C-119. Aside from serving as a standard transport, the KC-130F could also be fitted with underwing drogue pods for refueling USMC tactical aircraft and later helicopters. Despite their age, KC-130Fs were given service life extensions in the 1990s, and served during the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The type was finally retired in 2005 as new KC-130Js entered service.

KC-130F beavertail detail photo
KC-130F tailcone -most modern Herks have plethora of antennas in this position

KC-130F drogue pod detail photo
underwing drogue pod

KC-130 refueling basket photo
drogue basket

KC-130Fs were flown by VMR-152 at MCAS Iwakuni, VMGR-234 at NAS Glenview, VMR-252 and VMGRT-253 at MCAS Cherry Point, and VMR-352 at MCAS El Toro.

Photo: KC-130F tanking a pair of Marine Phantoms. World Air Power Journal Vol.18 Autumn/Fall 1994 p.55

KC-130F BuNo 148897 of VX-30 Bloodhounds

KC-130F BuNo 147573 in storage at Davis-Monthan

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