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B-25 Mitchell walk around

B-25 mitchell 3-view plans
B-25 3-view
USAAF WWII recognition sheet
B-25 nose art photo

B-25 Mitchell tail turret photo
B-25 tail turret

B-25 walk around side view of engine.
B-25 engine  - side view

B-25 Mitchell rear view of engine nacelle.
Rear of engine nacelle
Interior of B-25 bomb bay
Bomb bay interior

B-25 glass nose frontal view photo


Photo: preserved Dutch B-25. Air Pictorial February 1966 p.63

Photos (2):  B-25J-32-NC N6578D / 44-31508   Air Classics  April 1979  p.10

Joe Kline  "Mediterranean Mitchell"  Scale Modeler  October 1982.  Building Monogram B-25Js as a pair of Mitchells of 340th Bomb Group.

Gary Hanson  "Mitchell Maintenance" Scale Modeler April 1983. Diorama featuring the 1/48 scale Monogram B-25H.

Photo: Canadian Warbird Heritage B-25J C-GCWM  painted as a 98 Squadron aircraft.  FlyPast No.78 p.49

Photo: Nationalist Chinese B-25 "930" at Kai Tak. Aeroplane Monthly July 1989 p.425

"Mitchell Rebuild" FlyPast March 1998  Restoration of 43-35972/N9552Z

"The Way They Were: Post-War Mitchells" Warbirds International July 2000 p.36-37

Photos (3): Catch-22 Mitchells - B-25H 43-4432/N10V, N1042B camera ship, B-25J 44-30801/N3699G. Warbirds International September 2000 p.60

Alan B. Muller "Moving Mitchell" Warbirds International October 2000 p.6-7  Moving B-25J 44-29812

Photo: B-25 44-30925/G-BWGR.  Classic Wings Issue 56  p.52

Encyclopedia of World Military Airpower  p.283 color profile Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya B-25J #156

Scale Models

A balsa 1/32 scale Mitchell is available from Guillows (kit #805)

 Crash site of TB-25N 44-86805

B-25N walk around photos

An interesting present day look at the crash site of B-25C 41-13049 in Maine

A great series of photos from the 2012 gathering of B-25s at Urbana

This is an interesting shot - a B-25 used (on the ground) as a launch platform for a very early Hughes Falcon air to air missile test article.
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