Tuesday, May 6, 2008

USMC Prowler BuNo 162935

The 118th production Prowler, an ICAP II Block 82 aircraft. ICAP II introduced the capability to use the AGM-88 HARM to destroy enemy emitters, not just jam them. The ALQ-99 pods were also enhanced to allow jamming on two bands. There were a total of 41 new-build ICAP IIs, and 15 rebuilt EXCAP machines.
USMC EA-6B Prowler photo

Kits & Aftermarket:
An in-depth review of the Kinetics & Monogram 1/48 scale Prowler kits.

Aires makes a resin ICAP-2 cockpit for the 1/72 scale EA-6B kit from Hasegawa

The Encyclopedia of World Military Aircraft, edited by David Donald and Jon Lake. p.183-184 includes a large color 3-view illustration of ICAP-II BuNo 163031 of VMAQ-2

Darren Roberts "Correcting Monogram's EA-6B Prowler" FineScale Modeler April 2005  p.28-31

Color cutaway illustration of an EA-6B, plus a photo of an ICAP-II Prowler in flight. Modern Military Aircraft Anatomy  p.186-187

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