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OV-10 Bronco

OV-10 BuNo 155493 this aircraft was delivered to VAL-4 as an OV-10A in early 1969, and is seen here in the early 1990s in OV-10D configuration at Chippewa, PA. It went to AMARC in 1993, but has been reported as being registered as N97854 in early 2008
OV-10 Bronco cockpit photo

OV-10 walk around photo - vertical tail
OV-10 Bronco tail

OV-10G: In the early 1980s, South Korea was interested in buying up to 50 Broncos; these new-build aircraft would have been used as fighters of a sort, as the RoK was faced (and indeed, still is) with having to counter North Korean An-2 Colts, which can fly low-level special operations insertion missions south of the DMZ. FLIR equipped Broncos would have been an ideal means of intercepting the Antonovs, much better than high speed jets, but the OV-10G sale never went through.


David A. Anderton The History of the U.S. Air Force p.238 color profile of a European camouflaged OV-10A of the 601st TCW at Sembach AB, West Germany

Color side-view: Indonesian OV-10F  Encyclopedia of 20th Century Air Warfare, p.389

Jim mesko  OV-10 Bronco in Action  Squadron/Signal Publications, 1995

  • Cockpit and cargo compartment photos
  • OV-10A 3-view and specifications
  • OV-10D 3-view
  • Shot of an OV-10's nose cone lifted, showing details of the FLIR installation
  • Color profiles include a 20th TASS OV-10A, VMO-2 Bronco, NATC and VS-41 OV-10As, VMO-6 Bicentennial aircraft, VMO-2 and -4 OV-10D+s.

Scale Models:
Testors released the OV-10A in 1/48 scale, while Academy kitted both A- and D-model Broncos in 1/72.

OV-10 walk around photos

  An extensive array of OV-10 walkaround pictures

Bronco photos at the DoD Archive - Including a series of shots showing the aftermath of the crash of a Philippine AF OV-10

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