Monday, May 26, 2008

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash 3-view

The RF-84F was built to replace RF-80s and other aircraft in the tactical reconnaissance role, but like its F-84F fighter counterpart, was not ready in time for Korea. The Thunderstreak had a solid nose for a carrying an array of cameras, and thus, the intakes were moved to the wing roots. USAF RF-84Fs were replaced by RF-101s and RF-4Cs by the early 1960s, but the ANG continued to use the type until as later as 1972. The Thunderflash was widely exported to NATO, and a few foreign aircraft saw second-line use until the early 1990s.

RF-84F overhead view plan
AIRPLANE BY Alexander Kartveli

RF-84K Thunderflash at NMUSAF, July 2012

Republic RF-84K

RF-84K Thunderflash FICON at Dayton


Photo: YRF-84F at Edwards AFB. Aviation Week August 25, 1952  p.9

Photo: Overhead view of a flight of RF-84Fs. Air Pictorial May 1960  front cover

Photo: Color image of a US RF-84F in Southeast Asia Camouflage. Air Classics September 1972  p.58
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