Tuesday, May 6, 2008

T-6A Texan II at Pittsburgh (KPIT) 2005

The T-6 originated from the JPATS program, which aimed at providing a common basic trainer for both the USAF and USN, replacing the T-37 Tweet and T-34C Turbo-Mentor, respectively. The Air Force had previously intended to buy the Fairchild T-46 as a Tweet replacement before that program was canceled in 1987.
T-6A Texan II photo
T-6A Texan II at KPIT

Competing against the PC-9 were the Grumman/Augusta S.211A, Cessna Citationjet, the Northrop/Embraer Super Tucano 2, Vought/FMA Pampa 2000, Rockwell/Deutsch Aerospace Fan Ranger, and the Lockheed/Aermacchi T-Bird II.

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