Tuesday, July 29, 2008

B-25 Gallant Warrior at KAGC

Built in 1943 as a B-25D-35-NC, this aircraft flew seven combat missions, and was transferred to the RCAF as a Mitchell II, serving until the early 1960s and at some point having its original glass nose replaced by a solid unit. It still flies today as the Yankee Warrior.

The B-25D was identical to the B-25C, the only difference being that the D was built at Dallas. Features included R-2600-13 engines, external hardpoints, and the ability to carry fuel in the bomb bay.
B-25D Mitchell photo
B-25D Gallant Warrior at the Allegheny County Airport circa 1988
(C. Reed)

Accurate Miniatures 1/48 scale B-25C/D kit

An excellent series of walk around photos of a preserved B-25D (French language site)

Details of the crash of B-25D 43-3488

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