Monday, July 21, 2008

F-106 Delta Dart camo pattern

F-106 Delta Dart 3-view

No "Sixes" were ever finished in camo as far as I know, but an official pattern was indeed issued. I just may finish that unbuilt Revell kit sitting on my bookshelf in this scheme.

Magazine Articles and Photos:

"First Flights Made By F-106A, FJ-4B" Aviation Week January 7, 1957 p.28

Photo: "Convair F-106" Aviation Week September 9, 1957 front cover

"First Production F-106s Are Flown" Aviation Week September 9, 1957 p.32-33 2 photos

"Air Force Tests Convair Supersonic Ejection Seat" Aviation Week & Space Technology February 13, 1961 p.106-107 9 photos

David A. Brown "F-106s Modified for Inflight Training" Aviation Week & Space Technology February 5, 1968 p.41-46 4 photos

"Chasing The Dart" Air Forces Monthly July 1988 p.46-49 6 photos

Newspaper Articles and Photos:

"U.S. Jet Sets 1,520 m.p.h. Speed Mark" New York Times December 17, 1959 p.17 c.2 1 photo

"2 in Jersey Escape As Jet Hits House; Pilot Ejects Safely" New York Times March 31, 1966 p.31

"Pilots Unhurt in Air Collision" New York Times April 4, 1985 p.A29
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