Monday, July 21, 2008

F-84F Thunderstreak / RF-84F Thunderflash camo patterns

Republic F-84F 3-view camouflage diagram

Like the F-86H, the swept-wing F-84s survived in service long enough to receive SEA-style camo finishes, although they were never deployed to the fighting in Vietnam. The Thunderstreaks were actually the last pre-Century series fighters to remain in US service, outlasting the last F-86Hs by a year or so.

F-84F at NMUSAF walk around

This SEA-camouflaged Thunderstreak was among the last active US F-84Fs, being retired to display at Dayton in 1970 by the Ohio Air National Guard.
F-84F Thunderstreak cockpit

Republic Thunderstreak at Dayton

1/48 Republic F-84F Bundesluftwaffe RVL04526

Italian AF F-84F walk around photos 

An impressive array of photos depicting the 1/48th scale Italeri Thunderstreak kit finished as a Turkish aircraft

Crash site of F-84F 52-7071

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