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Lockheed L-14 Super Electra & L-18 Lodestar military derivative 3-views

Lockheed A-29 Hudson

Lockheed Hudson patrol bomber
A-29 Hudson 3-view

The first Hudson flew in December 1938, and by early the next year aircraft were arriving, via ship, in the UK.

Hudson Mk.II: A slightly heavier version of the Mk.I, with flush riveting.

Hudson III: GR-1820-G205A engines, plus the ability to carry fuel in the cabin. III(LR) aircraft had extra fuel in the wing.

Hudson IV: P&W R-1830-SC3G engines.

Classic Airframes made a short-run Hudson kit with decals for USN and Australian aircraft.

"Britain's Lockheed Hudson" Popular Aviation April 1939  p.19. Includes a photo of an aircraft with a dorsal turret mockup.

Hal Andrews  "PBO-1 Hudson"  Includes a photo of the XR4O-1 prototype.  Naval Aviation News March-April 1990.

"Workbench Review: Hudson Mk. V/VI in 1/72 scale from Italeri"  FineScale Modeler  February 2007  p.62-63

Paulo di Cara "The Forgotten Bomber"  Skymodel 15/08  p.12-17  A detailed look at scratchbuilding an RAAF Hudson IIIA in 1/48 scale.

Hudson model in RAF markings, from NMUSAF trip, July 2012

Lockheed C-60 Lodestar

The C-60 designation was used for aircraft built new for the USAAF, but the service also flew impressed civilian aircraft as C-56s and C-57s.

Postwar, surplus Lodestars were rebuilt by Lear to the Learstar configuration; this effort was later carried on the PacAero, which offered the uprated Learstar II with revised engine cowlings and extended outer wings.

1/72 scale kit finished as an aircraft of the Forca Aerea Brasileira

Photo: Lodestar without wings under restoration. FlyPast December 1998  p.55 

Lockheed-Vega PV Ventura
Lockheed Vega Ventura 3-view plans
1943 USAAF recognition manual  
The PV-1 was a Ventura derivative for the US Navy, optimized for patrol work rather than overland bombing. PV-1s have been kitted in 1/48 scale by Koster (vacuform) and in injection molded form by Fonderie Miniature and Revell.

 Collision of an American Airlines DC-3 and a Ventura

Build article on the Revell Ventura kit

Another 1/72 Brazilian aircraft, this time a PV-2 Harpoon


Captain Edgar J. Wynn  "Bombers Across" Ferrying Hudsons to the UK.  Flying February 1942

Charles L. Scrivner "Harpoon: On Patrol In A Lockheed PV-2"  Airpower November 1973

Color profiles of VB-135, RAF, RNZAF, South African, and Canadian Venturas (the last in target tow colors) Air International July 1988  p.36

Ralls Clotfelter "Pacific Venturas" FlyPast October 1998. An excellent account of VB-142 at war in the Pacific.

"Workbench Review: Minicraft/Academy 1/72 scale PV-1 Ventura"  FineScale Modeler  April 1988  p.17-18

"American Airplanes of World War II" edited by David Donald. - p.161-165 "Lockheed PV Ventura/Harpoon and B-34 Lexington" Includes a color profile of a VB-135 aircraft, and a large color 3-view of a VPB-142 PV-2.

David Mondey The Hamlyn Concise Guide to American Combat Aircraft of World War II

Color profiles:
USAAF A-29 in RAF camouflage
Hudson Mk.III of No.279 Squadron
Hudson Mk.V of No.48 Squadron, Coastal Command
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