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T-39N Sabreliner N305NT / BuNo 166513

Although the USAF's T-39s have long since been retired, the USN continues to fly the Sabreliner. The T-39N is based on the commercial Sabreliner 265-40, and is used for radar navigation and intercept training, using the APG-66NT radar. T-39N N305NT (BuNo 166513) is seen here at Dayton in July 1998. Sabreliner originally supplied the aircraft and pilots to the USN, but the T-39Ns were later bought outright by the Navy.
T-39N Sabreliner photo
USN T-39 on static display at the 1998 Dayton Air Show
At least one radiometer-equipped USAF T-39A was flown against secretly acquired MiG-17s and a MiG-21, measuring the Soviet fighters' infrared signatures. One Sabreliner had the mission equipment in a prominent dorsal fairing, while the other had a fuselage-mounted system.

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Sabreliner used by Lockheed Martin to test the seeker for the JAGM missile
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